Our Traditional Armenian Wedding Story

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Today, marks the 3rd month of our wedding and it feels like it was yesterday when I was getting ready! We had been preparing and talking about the big day for eight whole months so it’s weird that it’s over in a day. That’s why we love to talk about it all the time, look at the pictures all day long, and relive the moment over and over again! I am sure those reading who are married know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyways, I am still living off of a high from our big day so I thought I would share our traditional Armenian wedding story with all of you guys. I also wrote this so people of different backgrounds can embrace the beauty of our culture. Don’t worry though, I’ll describe everything thoroughly.

So our weddings start like any other weddings where the bride and groom get ready separately. Usually in their parent’s house, which we did. We had photographers with us from the morning so they could record the unforgettable moments. I was so lucky to have my amazing girls, maid of honor, bridesmaid, & sweet flower girl with me to make our day even better.

First, the bride will get ready and wait at her parent’s house with all the loved ones for the groom to come with flowers and gifts for the bride’s house. He’ll arrive with his parents to ask for the bride’s parents’ permission to give the gifts to the bride and to take her to church! Normally, it’s the groom’s father’s job to ask the bride’s hand from her father. When they get permission, they will give all the gifts to the bride and she’ll go to her room to wear the wedding dress.

However, she won’t wear the shoes yet, since the brother will go inside the room and put money inside the shoes and help her put it on.
After that, the groom will come to the room to have his first look at his bride and give her the wedding bouquet. He will take the bride outside so everyone can congratulate her and dance with them to leave for pictures!
We took the wedding pictures in the beautiful city of Yerevan where we wanted to show off the ancient beauty of the city. We went into the oldest and narrowest allies lined with cute little coffee shops. We wanted everything to look simple and at the moment. After we were done with our photos, we went to the church. In Armenian tradition, all the guests and parents will go in first take their seats. Then we will walk in hand-in-hand after our sweet flower girl, followed by our maid of honor and best man, bridesmaid and usher, and ring boy.

When the ceremony in the church is over, we will take a bunch of photos with friends and families then go off to our reception to PARTY!! It had a breathtaking garden which we couldn’t help but take pictures of before entering the venue. After that, it’s time to dance and have a blast! Hope you guys enjoyed this post & learning about my culture (even if it seemed confusing) & our wedding photos because I can look at them all day, every day. Without a doubt, it has been THE most magical day of our lives!


  1. wow….. amazing pictures. This has a lot in common with the traditional Nigerian wedding except for the dress sense which seems a bit different. I love especially the bridesmaids’ setup

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