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2 Ways to Wear Your Summer Scarf this Fall

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Have you ever found a piece from your summer wardrobe that you really like, but don’t know how to style it during the fall!!? It used to make me so sad giving up my favorite summer pieces, especially the scarf that I am going to be showing you in this post, but no worries, I got you covered. I got this Victoria Beckham Scarf back in the summer and I fell in love with it ever since. When it was fall I was wondering how I could style it. So I figured out I can wear it as a belt on my boyfriend blazer. I would totally rock this look going to work:)

Not to mention, I realized it would be unique yet chic if I wore it as a top on my white button down shirt. This was really cute and definitely not an ordinary or boring look.

What’s your favorite summer piece you want to style it this fall?? Comment down below so I can see!

Hope you liked these looks, my loves.

Xoxo Argi


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