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My Favorite Vintage Pieces!

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I’m obsessed with everything vintage. When something is old or “vintage” I know there’s an interesting story behind it. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or article of clothing. Not to mention, vintage pieces have a very unique style to them and usually have great quality given that they’re still in good condition when you buy them. I would rather spend money on vintage items that I really like instead of spending 1000s on a new pair of shoes. For this post, I wore my 2 favorite vintage items that I recently got. First, I found this yellow silk trench coat which I love from the flea market. I think the person who had this originally wore it as a dress because the waist is so tight, but I wore it as a trench coat. Second, I am obsessed with these cute CHANEL straw sandals which are so classic and unique. I bought it from a vintage store on Etsy and they’re still in great condition even though they’re 40 years old! Hopefully, I’ve convinced you guys to shop vintage… scroll down for similar items linked below.

Xoxo, Argi





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