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Pregomesh: an Armenian Handmade Jewelry Line

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Today’s post is my absolute favorite Armenian handmade jewelry brand by a well known Armenian singer Sirusho. She goes around all the villages in Armenia and discovers why women wear certain types of jewelry. In turn, she shares the meaning behind all of her pieces of jewelry. I really appreciate her effort and find it very special. I purchased a couple pieces from her line and I’m so excited to share them with you. The triangular details throughout the pieces symbolize how Armenians kept their faith through such difficult and heart wrenching times throughout history. Additionally, the circle symbolizes unity and fertility. Speaking for me, my mother and all Armenian women, these pieces mean a lot because they show how Armenian women had to stay strong throughout their plights but also spread love and care for their families. Plus all the earrings are handmade which makes them so much more personable and unique. These pieces are not only rich in history and culture, but are also really trendy and pair great with any look whether it is casual or classy. I definitely couldn’t be happier to own these unique silver pieces.

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