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My Blog is One Year Old Today

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I remember the struggle I had to start my fashion blog. I didn’t know anything about blogging or where to start; I had no idea what it took to become a fashion blogger. However, the one thing I knew was that I need to start somehow and just do it my own way. I remember I heard someone saying, “Imagine you’re an 80 year old grandma and one day you have all your grandkids around you and there is one thing you always wanted to do but never did and now it’s time to talk about your life experiences to them. What would be the one thing that you never did and regretted it. You wish you could go back to being young and just do that ONE thing. And that was were I thought to myself, I need to launch my blog, start working on something that gives me joy. So I did it.

I always knew I wanted to do something in fashion, ever since I was little. Even when I was 5 years old, I would watch the fashion channel instead of cartoons! My dream was to become a model and walk down the runway wearing unique and beautiful pieces. Other times, I aspire to become a makeup artist and do the models makeup. Nevertheless, my true passion was to be a designer all along. That’s where all this passion is coming from; it’s something planted in my roots, soul, and mind.

Moving to the US was a huge step forward to achieving my goal in fashion. I spent the first 2 years just researching about fashion blogging. I was following a multitude of fashion bloggers on social medias, yet I had no idea how it all worked. I had no one to look up to in my home country so I started to follow and study all these bloggers who became my mentors. I would watch ten youtube videos all about the same topic to truly understand all perspectives and attempt to understand it. Most importantly, I stayed true to MYSELF and MY style. I found the brands that inspired me and I would be proud to share to the world. I stayed earnest until today and the very end of my career.

I feel like I’m alive and happy. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean it was easy and everything happened overnight, but I simply mean I took the first step. I researched. Think about what you want from a desired career and do everything that is required hard work and being yourself. In turn, the right time will come and you’ll feel so content. I am very thankful & grateful for everything that’s happened to me throughput this year of having the blog. The moments that made me ecstatic and the ones that made my heart sink. They showed me what it takes to make it or what will stop me from reaching the furthest I could. I’m thankful for all the amazing people that have been by my side through the highs and lows.

God has always been with me. He showed me multiple signs. He took away the people that had harmful intentions and introduced the ones I love the most. My fiance has been a huge support system for me. My family, especially my mom, who I can trust with styling and taking good pictures when no one is around. My biggest help, my friend who has been doing most of the photography for me and has been another huge support system. Last but not least, you guys, my followers from all around the world. I love all of you. You guys cheer me up on the days when I feel like giving up. Your questions, your feedback, your DMs, they are all what keep me moving forward. You guys inspire me to inspire you. Thank you so so so much for each and every single one of you. I’ll be forever grateful.

Lastly, I’d like to conclude with two pieces of wisdom that all of you can live by. Copying or feeling the need to be like someone else will only get you so far. Those who have harmful intentions will eventually show their true colors and as long as you stay earnest, the universe will reward you.

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the looks we shot for both the blog and Instagram. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I do and make sure to comment down below or ask some questions you may have for me!

Xoxo, Argi




















Jumping on the Bridge in a silk dress

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