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Wooden Watches by Jord

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Hi, my loves! I’d like to tell you guys about these new modern wooden watches by Jord-Watches. Even though we live an age where everyone is always on their phone, watches are still important and I think everyone should own a select few! Sometimes it’s rude to look at your phone or you can’t find a clock, but if you have a watch you could check the time. Not to mention, Jord-Watches are very unique and are perfect to spice up a look. Nevertheless, their designs are very classic at the same time and are perfect for everyday wear. One thing I love about these watches is that you can match with a friend, fiancé, or husband. I think every couple should own a pair of matching watches to complete their similar looks. (My Watch & Narbeh’s Watch)

Above all, Jord-watches are very comfortable and lightweight. When you have a watch on all day, it’s important for it to not be heavy and be stylish. Now that I’ve introduced you to these amazing wooden watches scroll down to see how we styled our looks with Jord-watches. Additionally, since the watches are super amazing, we teamed up with Jord-Watches to give you a chance to win a $100 gift card by entering in the Giveaway! So make sure to scroll all the way down to find out more about the giveaway!

For the giveaway, click here to enter. Make sure to let your family, friends, husband, wife, co-workers, classmates, and everyone else know if they enter they can win! What do I mean by that?? I’ll explain. It’s true that only one lucky person will win a $100 gift card to purchase a dream watch from Jord-Watches, but here’s the great part; every single one of you who has entered will get a $25 by September 17th, which is when the contest ends (both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on December 17).

So hurry up and enter here all together to enjoy the amazing Jord-watches that could all be yours!
Xoxo, Argi



Luxury Wooden Watch

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