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Skin Care Obsession & A Jade Massage Roller

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Hi guys! Today I’m going to share my 5 favorite beauty/skin care products. I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m totally obsessed. I’ll also be sharing an amazing massage roller which is basically magic. You can carry it around with you wherever you go and get a mini facial without going to the spa. So scroll down and enjoy!

Bare Minerals Bare Heaven Moisturizer

This Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream by BareMinerals is one of my main go-to face and neck creams. After using toner twice a day, I wash my face and apply the cream. I love how great it moisturizes my skin and its natural scent.


Glossier Balm Dotcom

I’ve been using Glossier products for almost a year now, and I’m a huge fan.The first thing that caught my attention was how they don’t test their products and animals. I love how their products are easy to use and make your skin naturally beautiful. I use Balm Dotcom on my lips and cuticles, as well. I would definitely recommend this product!


Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Eye cream

I’ve been hooked on this wonderful eye cream since the day I bought it. Not only is it super smooth, but also ultra-rich and anti-aging. The formula is just as amazing as it’s scent… amazing! Another thing I love about this cream is the natural glow it creates after applying it under and around my eyes; it’s like a highlighter. I usually apply it every morning and at night.


Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector

The fact that this sunscreen has SPF 43 says a lot about this great product. We all need to protect our skin from the sun and UV rays especially in LA where it’s always sunny. Also, if you’ve ever had laser treatment on your face, you know it’s necessary to use sunscreen with a high SPF. This amazing sunscreen has natural color and is also water resistant. I love how it’s lightweight and gives my skin a natural glow.


Jade Roller Facial Slimming Massager

Finally, I saved the best product for last… the magical jade massage roller. This is made of 100% jade stone which is extremely beneficial for the face and body. Not to mention, it promotes good blood circulation. In our everyday busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to go get a face massage so I use my roller which is just as relaxing.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and you’ll incorporate some of these skin care products in your daily beauty routine. Leave a comment below and let me know some of your favorite skin care products!

XoXo, Argi

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