How I liked Hairtamin!

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If you follow me on Instagram @arginehdanelian, you probably remember that three months ago I started taking Hairtamin vitamins and shared a photo which my hair length was 17 inches (42.5 CM) Today is the last day of the three months and I want to share with you how I liked the Hairtamin vitamin. I initially started off by taking them because I cut my hair last year very short and ever since then my hair stayed that short. Not to mention, my hair used to fall out at times so I had hoped the vitamin would help stop it.

PSA I bought these vitamins for three months because you won’t see any results for the first month.

I loved how it’s just one capsule a day which it makes it so easy to take because you won’t forget. Hairtamin contains Vitamin A, B, C, B, zinc… and the list goes on and on. One thing that I really admire is that it’s gluten-free and vegetarian. Personally, I’m not allergic to gluten, but if any of you are, don’t worry because it’s safe to take.

Now let’s talk about how my hair grew. On January 20th, my hair was 17 inches (42.5 CM) long and now that three months have passed my hair length is 22 inches (55 CM)!!! Human hair grows 0.5 inches (1.25 CM) each month. Now that my hair grows from 17 inches to 22  it shows that Hairtaim helps it grow 3.5 inches more which is awesome!!

Unfortunately, it did not stop my hair from falling out at times. Also, most of you asked if hair grows on your body if you’ve done laser hair removal and take the vitamin. The good news is NO it does not grow back hair in other places (I had this concern too).

I would totally recommend trying out Hairtamin yourself as everybody might act differently. It worked great for me and improved the quality of my hair! Since it’s vegan and gluten-free and does not grow back body hair, you should be fine taking them for three months. If you have already tried any other hair vitamins, I would love to hear about them, so please comment down below.

Xoxo, Argi

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