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Happy National Lipstick Day!!!

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Happy National lipstick day you guys! Today, I’ll be talking about my 3 favorite lipstick shades which are must-haves for summer.

The first shade is essential for summer; it’s obviously NUDE and by saying that, it means all kinds of NUDE. Personally for summer, since most of getting the tan, I prefer to use pinkish tone nudes, since it helps to bring out our darker skin.

My second favorite shade for summer time is an orangish pink/red color which is a great match for not only the tan skin but also for lighter skin tones. Also, it’s very summery and bright.

Last but not least is, of course, RED. It is the perfect shade to use on long, hot summer days. It’s also perfect to wear at night when we all go out to party.

Scroll down to see my favorite selections of these 3 shades & happy shopping!

Xoxo, Argi


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